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The Food

Our Style

Centonove's Award winning head chef Patrick Fletcher has designed a smart modern Italian snack menu to compliment our amazing wine list.

With over 6 trips to Italy in the last 5 years Patrick has sourced inspiration from some of Italy's greatest bars. 


A plate of cured meats                                                                  30


Giardiniera                                                                                  8


Marinated Alto Misto olives                                                             8


Olasagasti anchovies, goat’s curd, sourdough                                   22


Pacific oysters, miso hot sauce, lemon                                             6ea

Caramelised onion dip alla francese, Bonilla a la vista crisps               16


Spanner crab toasts, aioli, togarashi, chive – 2 per serve                    18


Kingfish crudo, taramasalata, seaweed crackers – 2 per serve             20


Prawn schnitzel sandwich, sorrel, tartare sauce                                  16


Gold Street Dairy jersey milk haloumi, chilli honey, lemon                    15


Chicken liver parfait, sourdough, flatbread                                        19


Pork and morcilla sausage rolls, gentleman’s relish – 2 per serve           16


Quail Zinger, buttermilk fried quail, potato bun, cos, special sauce        15


Dobson Farm potato cakes, green tabasco, aioli – 3 per serve             15  

Panna Cotta, buckwheat, burnt caramel                                           15


Formaggio – 30 grams both cheeses with quince and flatbread            26

A special thanks to our amazing suppliers.

Friend and Burrell

Clamms Seafood

Calender Cheese 

Savour and Grace

Vic Meats

Bromley Sourdough

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